About Us

Fierce Alpha was founded by Leonidas in 2019.

Inspired by the heroic deeds of Spartan Warriors on the field of battle, Leonidas set out to create the greatest online store in existence.. For Warrior's At Heart.

In a tragic and often confusing world where masculinity is attacked for being "toxic", Leonidas cuts through all of the bullshit and delivers high quality clothing which positively reinforces masculine values - the theme of lifting weights is key.

Through his lifestyle blog Leonidas is leading a full frontal assault against dark forces which seem to oppose men - in particular, alpha males.

As King it is his duty to rally a mighty army and educated community of like minded individuals from around the world in order to destroy this assailing force.

He sees the truth of the world that we live in - and how society has brainwashed men into becoming complacent beta males and losers that suck with women.

"So adorn yourself with armour from this store, soldier - and may you wear it proudly as we march on towards our crushing victory! For glory!!!" - King Leonidas