You Need To Lower Your Standards

You Need To Lower Your Standards

If you are someone who has lofty standards, then you need to hear this message.

Tell me, what makes you feel better? Having a sex life or no sex life at all?

It seems obvious that the 1st choice is the best.

But most men spend most of their lives opting for the second option.

I used to have very high standards - so high that I never got a girlfriend in my teens despite searching for one.

And it was all because I refused to lower my standards. And I cared more about what other people's opinions would be if I were to date this girl.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't advocate running after moms or ugly women with heavy baggage.

I just mean that 5, or that 6, or even that 7. You should nail that chick bro.

Give her a chance. 

Some guys think they won't be able to get hard with a chick who is a 6.

But I've had one of the best nights of my life with a 6/10.

Many other guys with experience will tell you the same - do not underestimate how good that girl could make you feel.

Also, because the girl sees you as high value and realizes that she is lucky to be with you, she is willing to do more for you. Willing to try new things. Willing to let you dominate her.

For guys with little to no experience with women, you have to lower your standards. At least temporarily.

You don't have to be out there picking up supermodels... yet. You need to develop your skills and grow as a man first before you will hit that level where you can attract those types of women into your life.

First, focus on the basics. Try to get as much experience as possible with 5's, 6's or 7's. Just make sure they are unmarried with no kids and you are good to go.

In many ways, men hold onto their virginity because they want to lose it with a hot girl or that 'perfect' girl.

While idealistic, it's not realistic.

I lost my virginity to a fat BBW when I was 19. I was out one night, got really drunk and before I knew I was in a taxi, in the door and in between the legs.

No regrets though. I had what it took and I finally succeeded in losing my virginity.

But what if I decided not to fuck this girl? What if I decided she was too fat for me (which I would have if I was not drunk) and refused to fuck her?

Where would I be now? I used to have friends that are 24 and average looking but they are virgins and my other friends were fat and generally ugly but had several girlfriends under their belt. How is this possible?

It's all because the friends with girlfriends lowered their standards.. and look I'm not saying that you have to date these girls, just fuck them if you want.

Trust me, if you are a virgin right now you are probably a decent looking guy and if you are then you're passing up on so much sex and don't even realize it.

Whenever you lower your standards it's like girls that before you never noticed suddenly appear to you, *poof* out of thin air.

Suddenly you see that you do have options, that they've been right in front out you this entire time but you just never noticed them.

You never considered these girls as sexual partners before because your standards were just too high! These girls want to FUCK YOU.

So lower your standards today gentlemen, especially if you are a virgin, because let me tell you something -  the more time that passes by and the longer you stay a virgin, the more likely you will be a virgin forever.

The longer you hold onto your virginity, the more it will depress you and it will eventually destroy you.

I have experienced the depression and isolation before of being a virgin and it fucking sucks.

So take my advice.. lower your standards, and you will find a girl who is glad to be with you and will quite happily take away your virgin status from you.

You can even tell them you are a virgin and they will probably find it cute, especially if you are nervous around them. 

All in all, lowering your standards is (probably) one of the best things you can do for yourself. It'll change your life son, change your life.

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