The Virgin's Guide To Picking Up Women

The Virgins Guide To Picking Up Women

You're a virgin. You're lonely. And ashamed.

You suffer from a severe lack of confidence with women.

Women can even sense that you are a virgin and quickly friend-zone you.

How can you achieve this seemingly impossible task of losing your virginity?

Fortune Favours The Brave

It takes balls to lose your virginity. To go out there and actually make the effort of trying to lose it.

Most virgins wallow in self-pity and make fun of themselves for being a virgin, proclaiming to be the next 30 year old Wizard.

But that gets you nowhere. Women hate virgins and see them as friends and friends only.

You may cross your fingers and hope that the girl will take pity on you and fuck you sometime if you get to know her, but you're just deluding yourself.

Women only ever want to fuck the Alpha Male.

So how do you go about losing your virginity against these seemingly impossible odds?

You Need To Become The Kind Of Man That Women Want To Fuck

You need to change yourself. Your appearance, your mannerisms, your behaviour around women.

In other words, you need to become that cocky douchebag that women love.

Regularly read dating advice and pickup techniques from experts online who teach students exactly how to go about losing their virginity.

The information is out there - online, all you have to do is seek it out.

Great websites for improving your game and skills with women include:

Visit these websites and take in as much information as possible. 

Once you are armed to the teeth, you are ready to move onto the next phase.

Lower Your Standards

Don't expect that you're going to lose your virginity to a supermodel.

Unless you've got money, you're most likely going to lose your virginity to an average looking girl.

This is the key: Approach average looking women that don't make you feel so easily intimidated on a regular basis.

You see a girl you like that could be a potential candidate for losing your virginity to and you talk to her.

You ask her out. You invite her to grab a few drinks with you sometime. Then you close by asking her for her number and following up with her later on that same night.

You need to seal the deal the same day if possible as girls are fickle and change their minds day to day.

One day they're horny and ready to fuck, the next day they've forgotten all about you especially if they have busy lives.

You need to follow through with your approach and keep the momentum building until it leads to - sex.

Its All A Numbers Game

Make the effort of hitting on at least 10 girls everyday.

Expect 8 out of 10 to reject you or shit test you.

A shit test is a confidence test where the woman challenges you with a difficult question or behaviour to see if she can throw you off guard. 

Stay strong, deflect her test and you will impress her, build attraction and ultimately get the girls number and get her on a date later on that night.

99% of guys do not regularly hit on women. In fact, it is extremely rare for a woman to be hit on by a guy.

So by being that guy that goes to the effort of talking to a girl when he is not excessively drunk like in a bar or club situation, you will stand out a lot more and the girl will respect you for that, even if she has a boyfriend or is happily married.

The most common rejection you will face in your pickup journey is the response, "I have a boyfriend". 

So what do you do in this situation?

Half of the time the girl is actually lying to you and she wants to see if you have the balls to overcome the hurdle that she is throwing at you.

You say, "Oh really? So how long have you been together?" 

If she stutters or takes a while to give you an answer, or says something like "I dunno, maybe like 5 or 6 months" she is lying to you.

Girls in relationships know exactly how long they have been with their man down to the day or even, hour.

The purpose of your question is to gauge whether or not the girl actually has a boyfriend and whether she is just lying to you.

If you can tell that its all a farce and just a test, you can say:

"Cool, but does he not allow you to have guy friends?"

This way you are offering her the opportunity to let you become a part of her life despite her having a boyfriend, imaginary or otherwise.

Build Momentum Towards The End Goal

If you hit on at least 10 girls everyday you will get 1-2 numbers if you have good enough "game", confidence and you build attraction through passing tests.

Get an A+ and you've just got yourself a girl who feels highly attracted towards you, respects you for having the balls to approach her and feels a spark of sexual attraction towards you for your confidence.


Nobody hits on girls. 90% of the male population are betas and wimps.

By hitting on girls you don't know (even if you are a virgin) you are demonstrating high value. 

And high value is key for the female in deciding who to mate with and who to pass up.

In conclusion...

Losing your virginity may seem impossible at first but as you gain experience talking to women you will eventually realize that there is power in taking action.

You will build up a list of chicks numbers on your phone that you can contact at any time to come and hang out with you.

And if you follow the instructions, and hit on at least 10 girls everyday, and obtain 1-2 numbers a day, eventually you will find a girl that is willing to sleep with you and you will finally succeed in losing your virginity.

Losing your virginity is one of the best feelings in the world - especially if it has plagued your mind and bothered you for so long.

So get out there, make the effort to improve yourself, arm yourself with knowledge and you will surely ace it in your quest to lose your virginity, get your first girlfriend, and build a promising future for yourself in life and with women.

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