The Truth About University

The Truth About University

Most entrepreneurs and successful people tend to bash university.

And to a certain extent I agree with them - if you wanna be successful then university is the wrong place to go to.

You get charged tens of thousands for practically useless information, and going to university is one of the worst investments you could possibly make.. Or is it? 

The Truth Exposed

Yes, for becoming successful university is practically useless unless you want to be a dentist, doctor or lawyer etc.

But there are certain benefits to going to university.

It's all about the experience. 

When it comes to fucking hot women and partying every night and making tons of friends, university is where it's at.

Some may argue that you don't need to go to university to get laid, party a lot and make new friends, which is true.

But if you wanna live an awesome lifestyle then there's no better place than university.

For partying, clubbing and developing your skills with women, university is unrivaled in those aspects.

In fact, I am actually going back to university for the second time.

The first time I went to university I had a fucking awesome time and done plenty of drugs.

And to be honest, I'm probably going to do the same again.

However, I did not have the complete uni experience the first time round, at that time I had no game or skills with women and was a "nice guy".

This time I'm going to make up for it big time and put into practice everything I have learnt about picking up and dating women.

So if you want my advice, I recommend that you do go to university.

And if you're the kind of person who is determined to become successful and rich as fuck some day, the fees are no big deal.

I'm not worried about my fees because I am confident that someday soon I will be able to write a big fat check and pay off everything that I owe in one go.

And I will.

If you want further advice, and you can physically handle yourself as man, I recommend getting a part time job as a nightclub bouncer.

This is also part of my plan.

A friend of mine is a nightclub bouncer and the amount and caliber of women he gets is insane.

Women want to fuck bouncers because they are dominant alpha males who can fight but also its because they are an authority figure.

It also means bragging rights for the girl that's fucking him so she can boast about it to her friends.

Just like its bragging rights for females whenever they fuck rockstars, the same concept applies to nightclub bouncers.

And nightclubs is where the hottest, sexiest women are at. It's a pretty sweet deal.

And the perks of the job outweigh the negatives in my opinion.

So if you wanna become incredibly successful with women, I suggest that whenever you go to university, get your security licence and start working the doors.

Alternatively, you can hit on women in bars and clubs or cold approach women during the day.

I will likely be doing both. I will certainly be doing pickup as usual, but I am also considering becoming a bouncer.

Why? Because it adds to the experience.

And apart from getting more women it will develop my social skills and character as a man even further. 

But if you're not the type to fight, get a job as a bartender instead.

This will build your social skills immensely plus get you hot women too as an added bonus.

In the end, university is as good as you make it, just like anything in life.

If you go to university with a shit mindset and just sit in a dark room smoking dope all day and night, you're probably not gonna have a good experience.

But if you go to university with a winner's mindset, and use it as a means to improve yourself, you'll have a fucking blast.

So yes, university is almost useless when it comes to getting a job and succeeding in life.

But for partying, celebrating, making new friends and having lots of great sex with the hottest women about, there is no better place than university my friend.

So make the most of it. 

Live your life. Enjoy your youth. And you'll have no regrets.

Until Next Time, 

Your King,


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