The #1 Secret For Attracting Beautiful Women

The #1 Secret For Attracting Beautiful Women

You want a beautiful woman in your life. Or even better, numerous beautiful women in your life. But you have no idea how to achieve this.

You think you need to make more money first, get into better shape, buy a nice car or expand your social circle. But what if you just do this...

The #1 Secret For Attracting Beautiful Women

It's true. 

One night I was out at a bar. I sat on the bar stool sipping my pint. There were dozens of beautiful blondes and brunettes in the vicinity.

I simply sipped on my pint and completely ignored them.

Before long there was a throng of these hot women all around me, surrounding me.

They danced next to me, they stood next to me, they ordered drinks next to me.

All of them wanted one thing and they wanted it bad - my validation.

They wanted me to pay attention to them, and were confused and even upset that I was ignoring them when they were so beautiful.

However, I messed up eventually. 

There was a hot blonde, 9 out of 10, standing right beside me. She kept brushing her leg up against my knee, wanting me to notice her.

After the third time I decided to talk to her. I should have waited for her to initiate but I initiated anyway. 

I asked her what her name was, and then I asked her if I could get her number.

"I have a boyfriend" she responded. 

I wanted to deduce whether she was lying or not so I asked her how long she's been with him for. 

She quickly replied "One year" and turned away from me.

I knew she wasn't lying because she gave me a very prompt response.

I should have tried a second time and said something like "So what?" or "Does he not allow you to have guy friends?"

But overall it was a great success. It's an amazing feeling when you put into practice what you have learnt and see it working.

That was my first time ever employing the tactic that I am going to discuss in this article. 

Because, ironically, ignoring beautiful women actually attracts them.

How Dare You Not Pay Attention To Me

Women are attention whores. They crave attention and validation from men.

This is why you always see beautiful women uploading sexually provocative images on social media, in particular on Instagram.

Whenever you like her photos and comment on how sexy or beautiful she looks, you are providing something of value to her. 

And that thing of value is your validation.

Here is the key: Never validate a beautiful woman and she will chase you for it.

Go somewhere where there are plenty of beautiful women.

For example, Starbucks or a busy coffee shop.

Beautiful women walk in and out of these places all day every day.

Or if you prefer, head to a bar at the weekend or go to a club.

Whenever you enter, be careful not to look at any of the beautiful women that are around you.

Find a seat and then begin your mission of completely ignoring them. If you are in a coffee shop bring your laptop with you and do some work while you are ignoring them.

Or if you are in a club, go on your phone. Whatever you wanna do, just look busy and uninterested in the beautiful women around you.

Never glance your eyes towards them, and especially do not make eye contact with them. 

As soon as you look at them, guess what - it's game over.

Because you have gave them what they wanted, your attention and validation.

Refuse to look at them and they will start trying to get your attention. Keep this up long enough and eventually these beautiful women will actually approach you. 

They will feel affronted that you have seemingly never noticed them and it will be really bothering them, up to the point that they will initiate a conversion with you first, without you even having to do anything.

But more so, they will feel attracted to you.

Do not make the mistake I made - wait for the girl to talk to you first.

In conclusion...

It will require a bit of patience, self-discipline and self-control, but it will be worth it and you will be amazed at just how effectively this strategy for attracting beautiful women works.

In fact, it is the #1 Secret out there, and if you come across any other strategies that work please comment below and share them with us.

One last tip: If you are in a nightclub and you see a girl that you like standing at the bar, walk over and stand beside her and completely ignore her while you are ordering your drinks. 

Eventually she will be the one to talk to you and it will be an easy close to take her home with you that night or get her number.

That's all for today folks - be sure to check back in regularly with the blog as I will be dropping plenty more knowledge bombs regarding picking up and dating beautiful women on a regular basis for the foreseeable future.

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