Never EVER Give up!

Never EVER Give Up!

I know, it sounds cliche. You've heard this line a thousand times.

Motivational speakers, successful entrepreneurs and even Winston Churchill have sang the praises of never ever giving up.

But just how key is this philosophy? Well, it can go one of three ways:

1. If you are trying to build an online business or learn a new skill it is only logical that if you keep trying and don't give up, eventually you will get there and become extremely successful.

2. If you have suffered for most of your life but have persevered in the pursuit of happiness eventually you will reach a point where you realize TRUE happiness and contentment whether it is in your family life, relationships or maybe you find that perfect partner that changes everything.

3. Money buys freedom. And if you never give up on money, it will never give up on you. You wanna travel the world? You want time freedom and the ability to do whatever you want whenever you want? You want to attract scores of beautiful women into your life? You need money. And saving your money from a young age and never giving it all up to excessive spending will ensure that eventually you will become a millionaire and retire in your 30's or 40's, and it was all because over the years you saved and invested part of your income.

I for one have suffered greatly during my life. At this point in time I am currently 25 years old. 

Bullying at school, chronic depression, severe anxiety, loneliness and isolation, frequent drug use, alcoholism, mental breakdowns, hospitalization, psychiatric drugs, and near-death experiences, I've experienced it all.

But I never gave up. Through almost all of this I kept trying to build my online business, I first dived into affiliate marketing in 2014. 

My goal was and is to become an online super affiliate. In other words, an extremely rich and successful marketer.

But I am also a business owner, I own this store and an affiliate marketing business.

While I am not yet extremely successful, within four years my goal is to become an online multi-millionaire. 

That means on my own journey it will have taken me 6-9 years to become extremely rich and successful. But I will look back and know that it was all worth it.

My family have constantly laughed at my business behind my back and at my attempts to become successful, instead advising me just to get a job like the rest of them.

Fucking losers. They have never tried to do what I am doing and have never suffered like I have but they take the high horse and think that their way of life and living is the best. 

Then they moan and complain about having to work but never actually try to do anything to solve their problems.

Even my uncle who is a semi-successful "entrepreneur" has always advised me just to get a job, laughed at my businesses and told me, like my father, that it's never going to work.

But I will NEVER listen to them. And I will NEVER give up on my dreams. 

And someday whenever I am super successful I will look back and see it all for what it truly is.. despite the pain, despite the suffering, despite the hurt.. I never EVER gave up.

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