Money Buys Freedom

Money Buys Freedom

You heard me right. Money buys freedom.

Some people, mostly average people always talk about how they don't want money, how having too much money is inherently "bad" and what a disaster it would be if they won the lottery (then they go and buy lottery tickets after work). 

They pretend as though they don't envy rich people and desire wealth but make no efforts to attain absurd levels of wealth for themselves. Instead they opt to work a soul stealing, financially ruining and time consuming job that ensures that they will never be rich - and consequently, never be free.

Working a job is slavery

Doing something you don't want to do, taking orders from your superiors and living paycheck to paycheck - pure slavery.

The only time you should have or work a job is whenever you are saving up money that you can invest into your side-business that will make enough money for you to quit and tell your boss to fuck off.

In general I've always hated working jobs and have consistently been one of the worst employees, something that I am proud of. 

I've even got fired before for not turning up to work, twice. Instead I lied in my bed and ignored my boss's texts and phone calls while I played Runescape on my laptop.

Something that I am very good at though is working for myself, and this is a must-have skill that you need to develop if you want to be a business owner and multi-millionaire.

Save your money and invest it

As a young man it is in your best interests to save as much money as you possibly can. Become a stingy bastard with your money, refuse to eat out and instead visit cheap convenience stores where you can buy your food on a budget.

I wish I started saving my money years ago. It would have gave me a huge head-start into starting my affiliate marketing business where I would have actually have an advertising budget big enough in order to become successful at running highly profitable ad campaigns.

You should make it your goal to become financially free and independent as soon as possible - work your ass off in your twenties (but don't forget to party and fuck lots of hot girls) and you will retire young, and live a life of freedom and abundance for the rest of your life. Most importantly, you need to live while you are young. Remember that.

You need to buy assets

Assets are things that make you money 24/7 without you having to work, be present or invest your time. It is a form of passive income.

Some examples of assets include:

Online Businesses/Websites/Stores

Stocks & Bonds

Real Estate

Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies

Save up your money until you can start a online business, learn affiliate marketing then put it into practice, open an online store then use Facebooks Ads or otherwise to send potential customers to your store, invest in stocks, shares, bonds or index funds, purchase real estate such as houses, apartments or flats, or even invest in Bitcoin and upcoming Cryptocurrencies (that may potentially be worth a lot in the future).

Passive Income Ideas

1. Starting an online business usually requires very little investment but then either requires your time or money to get it off the ground - your time usually involves creating great content or your money usually involves advertising and marketing your business in order to see fast growth and achieve success.

2. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income online. I will soon be writing one of the greatest articles on affiliate marketing you will ever lay eyes on - because it will be pure truth, from a-z, no bullshit and I will actually be showing you how to create profitable ad campaigns that can casually make you anywhere from £100-1000-10,000 every single day. 

3. I would recommend investing your money into government bonds if you are just starting out. Decide to invest a set amount into your bonds each month and by the end of the year you will have a net worth of £5-10k. Index funds are also excellent because of the high rate of return - some index funds guarantee you a return of up to 10% a year! This means if you have £100k-1m in index funds you are generating £10,000-100,000 in passive income over the course of the year!

4. Real Estate is one of the BEST ways to make a lot of cash. Not only do you own the property and can sell it at anytime, it generates a monthly income for you that if saved will enable you to purchase further properties and this income will stack over time, making you rich in 10-20 years time. If you own a successful business then you will be able to invest more money in real estate which will speed up the process to where you will own enough property to be able to retire in just 5 years time.

5. Buy Bitcoin whenever it is crashing. Wait until it dips then buy in. Because 5 years from now, 10 years from now, Bitcoin will probably be worth an insane amount and your ROI will be extravagant.

Please note that this does not constitute financial advice though so disclaimer: I am not held responsible for any losses you may incur in purchasing Bitcoin, Stocks & Bonds, Index Funds, Real Estate or in starting an Online Business or Businesses based off the recommendations given in this article.

Money Buys Freedom

At the end of the day, money enables you to live your BEST life. 

Money is the tool which you can use to shape your life the way you want it to be.

Money saves you time, time better spent travelling and seeing the world rather than travelling to work and sitting in front of a desk.

Money enables you to attract hot babes into your life and lets you live in luxury apartments and houses rather than a dingy flat.

But best of all... Money buys you FREEDOM. 

And the freedom of never having to work again, the freedom of not having a boss telling you what to do or the freedom of not being restricted to one set physical location is freedom indeed.

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