How To Prepare For your 30's By Living In Your 20's

How To Prepare For Your 30's By Living in Your 20's

Your 20's are a wondrous time. You are young and in the prime time for game.

In your 20's you should be learning everything you can in order to help you to succeed in your 30's.

In many ways your 20's are preparation for life in your 30's. 

Fail to prepare in your 20's... and your life is going to fucking suck in your 30's.

How To Prepare

Always remember this... "knowledge is power".

Luckily, with the advent of the internet we have access to virtually unlimited knowledge.

This is a huge advantage because with the right knowledge we can craft our lives exactly the way that we want them to be.

The Number 1 way that you should be preparing for your 30's is in building a business.

This is essential to becoming that high-value male that the hot girls chase so much.

All the hot girls want an Alpha Male that is financially secure and has got his shit together.

This demonstrates high value and it is exactly that societal value that determines what man a woman goes for when looking for her next mate.

You should always be working on something - whether it is developing skills that will help you to succeed in your 30's or just flat out going for it in your 20's, building a successful business and becoming a millionaire.

If you succeed at doing that then you won't have to worry about it in your 30's as you've already got it sorted.

Then you can focus on improving your game and attracting those high value women into your life. 

You should master game in your 30's. As for your 20's, it's gonna be a learning curve and you are the apprentice.

Whatever you do in your 20's, especially if you are inexperienced with women.. do NOT get married.

Even if you think you've met your soulmate or the 'perfect' girl, do not get married and do not be so easily deceived.

It will drain you of your finances and your future and is the worst possible way to prepare for life in your 30's, hands-down. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to western or westernized women.

Wait until you get more experience with women before you pick a wife so you can accurately judge whether or not she is the right partner for you.

If you fail in this judgement then you will probably end up ruining your life whenever she divorces you, takes all of your possessions, money and children with her.

You need to go red-pill in your 20's. In today's society it is your only option. You need to gain a good understanding of female nature. 

You need to understand that women are always, constantly fielding their options and looking out for that next high value male to lock down.

They are never loyal and are just on the lookout for a better deal. If a higher value male comes along most women will leave you at the drop of a hat with no sympathy, no remorse and no regret.

Yes there are 'unicorns' out there but when was the last time you saw a unicorn? Exactly.

Less than 5% of guys are Red-Pill and if you can grasp this knowledge and accept it you are already a high-value Alpha Male.

You need to build a business in your 20's or at least prepare to build one and also you need to gain experience with women.

As much experience as possible, but this doesn't mean become reckless and fuck moms or girls with STD's, no.

This means gain as much knowledge and understanding of women as you possibly can so you can ace it as a man in your 30's when your marriage value and societal value is at its highest.

Because how much value you can provide for a women determines exactly the level or caliber of female that you will acquire. Provide more value, get hotter women. It's as simple as that.

But most importantly - have fun. Enjoy your 20's. But also prepare.

Most people fail to prepare and neglect their entire futures for the rest of their lives, never mind their 30's.

Don't be like them. Build a successful business and fuck as many high value women as you possibly can.

Then, you will be going into your 30's with that confidence and self-assurance that being a successful, financially secure and red-pill alpha male provides.

You will understand what it takes to become successful, you will understand how to become successful at game, and you will understand that the quality of life that you are living now is all because - you prepared for your future in your 20's.

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