How To Be An Alpha Male

How To Be An Alpha Male


An Alpha Male is supremely confident and self-assured. This confidence can manifest itself in different ways, whether it is confidence with women, comfortable being a leader, or physical prowess at sports and success in business.

Whenever you meet an Alpha Male you understand that you are talking to a man. You can tell by the way he carries himself, and some Alpha Males have a certain aura about them that people can sense but do not understand.

Doesn't Masturbate

This aura is likely the result of a build up of sexual energy. In Napoleon Hill's famous work, "Think and Grow Rich" he explores the science and effects of practicing sex transmutation. Simply put, not jacking off.

I have personal experience with this phenomenon. At the time I was in average shape, I had muscle but I also had a fat belly.

Guess what. Women were all over me. Because they could sense my energy.

Men could sense it too and felt very intimidated. But women were attracted to that energy, that projection of pure strength.

Trust me, quit masturbation (and porn) for a month and your life will change.

Doesn't care what other people think

An Alpha Male couldn't give a damn what other people think about him. Add that to the fact that 99% of the time people are focused on their own shit and are not even thinking about you. It is pointless and a waste of time worrying about peoples opinions when these people are beneath you. They are secretly jealous and wish they were more masculine and had your reputation for being a badass.

In control of his emotions

Women test men to gauge how they will react under pressure. If you react emotionally you have failed the test. If you keep your cool and don't react to a woman screaming or shouting at you eventually she will see that it is having no effect on you and will stop. She will understand that you are a strong man and her respect and attractiveness towards you will increase exponentially. However if you react angrily or defensively, or even start shouting back at her she will lose respect and attraction for you that she was able to rattle you so easily.


An Alpha Male is a business owner and financially secure. An Alpha Male doesn't have to depend on anyone else financially. He can create his own wealth. He is extremely motivated, sets high goals and then achieves them. Nothing can stop him and nothing gets in the way of his goals.

Built a body

Extremely important. Not only does lifting weights get you a great body, it also builds discipline which is necessary for success. But don't waste years in the gym if you are making zero progress after 6 months. You need to manipulate your body's hormones in order to build muscle FAST and burn fat. This is the only way you will achieve the body of your dreams, the body of a greek god. The answer? Take legal steroids. They don't have the same side effects as illegal steroids, but are just as effective. Order SARMS (Selective-Androgen-Receptor-Modulators) online, I recommend stacking Ostarine and RAD140 so you can build muscle mass yet cut at the same time. Don't forget to take PCT once you are off your cycle. PCT is essential. Stack for two months then take PCT for a month. If you follow this system and train at least 5 days in a week, you will build 10-20 lbs of solid muscle within 3 months, something that takes normal people years in the gym to achieve.

Has goals

Has goals in his life, whether it is relationship goals, sex life goals, business goals, body goals, or social goals. Most people don't set goals and never achieve them. An Alpha Male refuses to quit and never gives up. Average Alan gives up after a week or less.

Dresses Well

Has impeccable style. Makes an effort. Looks good and smells good. 

Goes after what he wants

An Alpha Male usually gets what he wants, because he makes the effort to go after it. Average Alan is scared to go after what he wants, complains about his job and buys lottery tickets. He has an unfulfilling sex life or worst case scenario is a fully fledged wizard. The only spells Average Alan can cast are in World of Warcraft. An Alpha Male attracts women at will - just like magic.


An Alpha Male possesses metric tons of self-respect. This is evident in his actions, the way he behaves, and his lifestyle. Other people can clearly see that this is a man who respects himself, therefore other people respect him.

A Warrior

An Alpha Male can fight. An Alpha Male is a warrior at heart. He enjoys aggressive sports such as Rugby (love it), Boxing and MMA. But he doesn't seek conflict. Since the Alpha Male is strong and he knows it, he doesn't try to validate himself by getting into pointless brawls. He doesn't have to prove himself to anyone - he already knows that he is the boss.

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