Here Is My Advice For All 18 Year Olds

Here Is My Advice For All 18 Year Olds

At 18 years old you're in a good place. You've just hit adulthood and you're probably excited for your future.

If you live in the United Kingdom you finally get to drink alcohol without borrowing your friend's or brother's or sister's ID.

Good for you.

You're young and you're in the position to do anything with your life, and time is on your side.

But unfortunately, your future looks like full-time slavery.

Working a Job is Modern Day Slavery

Everyone is told to go to school, get good grades, go to college, put yourself into debt, and then get a good job. 

This is the formula laid out by society for "success".

In reality it results in complete and utter failure and will ruin your entire life.

And even if you do manage to achieve the "dream" of retiring at 65 and living like a King, you're old.

You need to live while you are young.

So how do you avoid the trap? How do you avoid being a slave to some business or soulless corporation who doesn't give a damn about you?

You need to start a business.

Start a blog, start a Shopify store, start an affiliate marketing business, start trading, start an ebay or amazon store, start learning everything about online business and then decide which business model is for you then go out there and do it.

The internet has changed how we do business. 

I would recommend that you DO NOT start a "real" business, a brick-and-mortar business.

You are limited to the amount of customers you can get because you are restricted to a set physical location.

Online, there are no restrictions. Anyone can visit your website and purchase something.

Also, barely any young people are starting online businesses.

Yes, we see a lot of success stories but the majority of young people these days are still following the system, still obtaining worthless degrees, still working a job.

You don't want that. You want better than that. Start an online business NOW and if you work at it consistently every day you will become successful and possibly the next success story.

If your goal is to become rich as fuck and have everything you ever wanted and travel everywhere you want and be happy and fulfilled your entire life then take my advice and start an online business today.

Lifting Weights Is Key To Success And Self-Discipline

Lifting weights will give you the energy and drive to build a successful business.

You are building both your body and your business at the same time, and if you can build a body then you can build a business.

Hitting the gym or weights also gives you essential self-discipline which is necessary for success.

If you can't discipline yourself to keep going when the going gets tough then you'll probably give up.

Never give up on your dreams. And never give up lifting weights.

Lifting Gets You Laid

If you're a young man I'm sure one of your goals in life is to have a fulfilling sex life.

Well lifting weights can help you accomplish just that.

Start lifting weights today and a year from now you will be in great shape, and you will be able to attract any woman you want. It's as simple as that.

Don't Waste Your Time

It's easy to get carried away when you are 18 and think that you have plenty of time.

You don't. 

Trust me boy you'll be 21 before you know it. Then 25. Then 30.

Having parties and drinking and smoking weed is a lot of fun.

It really is. And I recommend you do all that shit if you plan on going to college.

Get all that shit out of your system. Party until you can't party no more. But just remember...

It gets you nowhere in life and worse - wastes your time.

Here's the solution: Become successful FIRST and THEN PARTY.

If you spend all of your time putting partying priorities before your business - before you know it you'll be a fat 30 year old employee who hates his life, his wife and his children.

You don't want that. Prioritize your business. Laugh at everyone of those losers who smoke pot and drink and go out every night.

You are going to be a successful entrepreneur and they are going nowhere.

Focus on your business first... then you get to party with Winners.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

It's better to have no friends at all than friends who hold you back from your goals.

Best practice is to swiftly cut off all friends who are becoming a problem or encouraging you to take up bad habits.

You become the person you hang out with - so if you hang out with losers you'll become a loser.

Their habits, choices, and lifestyle rubs off on you.


Only pick friends who have habits, made choices, or have a lifestyle that you want for yourself.

In other words, pick friends who are better than you. Friends that you can learn something from. Friends that can benefit you in some way.

Friends that lift you up, not tear you down.

Successful friends. Ideally entrepreneurs.

Because if you hang out with winners, you will become a winner.

Hang out with losers, and you'll become one.

Don't Get Married (Yet)

If you get married at 18 or in your early to mid twenties, you're probably heading for disaster.

Over half of marriages in the US alone end in divorce, mainly because the female population has endorsed feminism, branded masculinity as "toxic" and became all around batshit crazies.

As a young man you have freedom. You have choice.

Do not tie yourself to one woman while you are so young.

There is so much for you to explore, so much to see, so much to do.

In most cases, marrying while you are young will ruin your life. 

I would recommend waiting until you are at least 30-35 years old before even considering get married. 

Marriage usually includes getting out a huge-ass mortgage to pay for your stupid house that you then have to pay back over decades.

In conclusion...

You need to start a business immediately, start lifting weights immediately, cut off all unfruitful friendships immediately, and make sure you don't get caught in the marriage trap. 

Self-improvement can change your life. Regularly read books and blogs regarding self-improvement.

And always use protection. ALWAYS. Never have unprotected sex with a girl and never fuck a mom just in case you pump another one in her.

Don't watch porn. Stay the fuck away from porn because it is literally of the devil and will ruin your sex life.

And finally, enjoy life. You are young, enjoy it, someday you will be old and decrepit and you will have nothing but your memories to look back on, so make sure you create good ones. Make the most of life and you will have no regrets.

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