Coffee Is King

Coffee Is King

Coffee makes you more productive.

Coffee enhances your quality of life.

Coffee just makes everything better.

As of right now I am writing this article having drank four or five cups of coffee tonight.

It has enabled me to write 3 high quality articles in the space of a few hours.

In fact, coffee among other stimulants is an excellent tool for achieving success.

It enables you to focus and produce more work within a shorter period of time.

It is also enjoyable. Listening to a progressive house mix after drinking all that coffee with headphones on makes it sound extra awesome.

So my advice to you is, if you don't drink coffee - start.

Especially if you are trying to build a business or learn a new skill.

Coffee gives you the energy, drive and motivation to see it through.

It actually makes you feel a bit high to be honest, especially after the amount of coffee that I have drank. 

Nothing wrong with that though - this is my 4th article tonight and I don't see any sign of me stopping (unless I run out of coffee) and goodness gracious, I think I just have.

If you're gonna take anything away from this article, just remember this - to become successful you need all the help you can get. 

Coffee is essentially cheating, and that is the point. You cheat to get ahead. You break the rules in order to become successful.

And just about every single successful person has done that.

Coffee is also extremely cheap considering what you are getting.

An investment in coffee is indeed one of the best investments you can make - why?

Because the return on that investment is phenomenal. 

In fact, there aren't many investments quite like it.

Obviously you have to do the work but coffee just makes it that much easier.

And this progressive house mix doesn't hurt either.

So you wanna be successful? Buy coffee.

And watch your productivity go through the roof.

Until next time,

Your King,


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